The Saratoga Social is a digital media company that celebrates Saratoga's social scene & philanthropic endeavors through daily blog content, event promotion services and editorial coverage. 


In 2012, 'Inside Saratoga' columnist for The Saratogian newspaper Jeanette Jordan retired,  and a group of four local women were hired to take over the paper's society coverage. Robin Dalton was one of the new hires and many, many parties later, saw the need for a more comprehensive platform for expanded event coverage and promotion in Saratoga. Robin built a website over several very late nights in September 2014 with a simple design that featured daily blog content, party recaps, photos and an event calendar. The Saratoga Social's first post was published on September 15th (you can read it right here!). The official launch party was held at Gaffney's on October 15th and was shot by photographer Megan Mumford, who would go on to be our official photographer, covering hundreds of parties and exclusively shooting the material for our print magazine. 

In the fall of 2014 event promotion was added as an official service and we've created custom content to publicize events for a long list of clients in the area. That Fall also marked the very first Saratoga Social Magazine, which was published  in digital form as a companion publication to a local parenting magazine.

In July of 2015, the first print magazine was published,  featuring our now signature illustrated cover. The website and magazine got a fresh design last fall, from Amber Ousterhout & Obsessivision, who was brought on as the magazine's creative director. Robin published our current issue in July 2016 along with editorial content from 15 talented contributors, the content of the print magazine has more than doubled since its inception.

The website traffic continues to hit new heights and the site's social media following is set to surpass 20,000 followers in the coming months. While the focus of The Saratoga Social was and remains on the social scene and philanthropic giving in Saratoga Springs, it has also evolved to include complementary material covering life & style subjects.

The Saratoga Social's party recaps continue to run as a weekly print column, exclusive to The Saratogian.